Music hire

The London Pro Arte Choir provides music hire to other choirs in the UK. Please contact for availability and Terms and Conditions.

Composer Work Copies Source
Ayres I’ll tell you a tale of the olden time (Christmas) 57 Copy
Ayres In the stillness 66 Copy
Boyce Turn thee unto me O Lord 85 cpdl
Chilcott Lily and the rose 70 OUP
Cohen Drunken sailor, Duggit Nos’at,
Joshua fit de battle of Jericho
79 Copy
Gardner Tomorrow shall be your dancing day 41 OUP
Goodall The Lord is my shepherd 60 Faber
Handel Chandos Anthem 4 49 LPAC edition
Handel Chandos Anthem 7: My song shall be alway 70 cpdl
Handel Chandos Anthem 8 49 LPAC edition
Handel Chandos Anthem 9: O praise the Lord with one consent 70 cpdl
Handel Chandos Anthem 10 49 LPAC edition
Handel Chandos Anthem 11: Let God Arise 70 cpdl
Handel The ways of Zion do mourn 79 cpdl
Haydn Insanae vanae curae 85 cpdl
Haydn, Michael Missa Sancti Francisci Seraphici in C
(with orchestral parts)
80 Typeset
Kodaly Pange Lingua 38 Universal
McDowall Fancy of folk songs 79 Gemini
Mozart Lytaniae de BMV 64 cpdl
Rossini Ave Maria 77 cpdl
Stanford Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in G 65 cpdl
Traditional Sweet nightingale,
Dashing away with the smoothing iron,
Sally gardens
78 Copy
Vierne Messe Solennelle 60 cpdl